FLORA examines the many different varieties of plant life that I (and we) come into contact with on a daily basis and serves as a reminder of the greenery that we are surrounded by that is often under appreciated and over looked.
There is a great and well documented history of floral and plant-based photography, from the late 19th Century examinations made by Karl Blossfeldt to the more aesthetically-appreciative work of  ... The relationship between plant and camera is as natural as it is alien. Floral photography has been used for both scientific and decorative purposes and here, I have opted for the latter.
I chose to shoot this project using instant film as I felt that much like the plant life photographed, the instant photographs one-off and unique in their own right.
Green spaces are being continually encrouched upon to make way for housing and other such projects and thtese images serve as future documents to help show what we used to be surrounded by, should they become exticnt - much like the polaroid?