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In Flora, I delve into the myriad manifestations of plant life encountered in our daily lives, offering a poignant reflection on the often underestimated and overlooked verdant beauty that envelops us.

The history of botanical and plant-based photography, spanning from Karl Blossfeldt's meticulous 19th-century studies to the more aesthetically inclined endeavours of others, stands as a well-documented testament to our enduring fascination with the natural world. The plant-camera relationship, simultaneously innate and surreal, has historically served scientific and ornamental purposes. In this context, I have chosen the latter.

Opting for instant film as my medium, I found it to mirror the unique and ephemeral qualities of the plant life I capture. Like these botanical subjects, instant photographs possess a distinct, one-of-a-kind character.

In an era where green spaces steadily succumb to urbanisation and housing developments, these images become vital historical records, preserving the memory of our natural surroundings. They offer a glimpse of what may be lost to extinction, reminiscent of the uncertain fate of the polaroid in an ever-changing world.
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